US Median Household Income Levels

US median household income is a measurement of income that is considered average in terms of the overall value of the household. This income is generally used to compare the relative incomes of different households, and helps the public understand

How Are We Defined As Rich or Poor?

Many efforts to alleviate poverty rely on a disparate collection of approaches, including advocacy, education, community service, government intervention, charity or direct service, and social work. Recent debates have focused on the need for coordinated policies that address both “inequality

Calculating Monthly Gross Income

There are some factors that will be used in computing a monthly gross income. The following paragraphs provide information about how to calculate the gross monthly income for various tax categories. Eligible There is only one modified adjusted gross income

Types Of Financial Assets And Financial Products

A financial asset is an intangible, non-physical asset that derives its value from a legal claim, such as bank savings accounts, bonds, or stocks. Financial assets can be traded on commercial exchanges and are typically more liquid than other physical

Adjusting Medicare Income Limits

The Medicare income limits can be adjusted according to a physician’s recommendation, or in some cases, by the Secretary of Health and Human Services, known as the CMS. These changes in the income limits can have a significant effect on

Understanding the Total Assets Formula

The Total Assets Formula, also known as the long-term debt to asset ratio, is one of several leverage ratios used to assess companies’ ability to meet its financial commitments. The purpose of these ratios is to simply represent how effective

The Difference Between Net Assets and Debt Obligations

Net asset valuation refers to the determination of an entity’s total assets and net debt without consideration of cash flows. Net asset valuation is a complex financial process used to determine the values of any of a company’s assets, both

The Importance of Debt-to-Total Assets Ratios

The total debt-to-total assets ratio is defined by the Fitch rating agency as a measurement of the amount of financial risk a business faces. The ratio measures a company’s total debt, including short-term and long-term debt as well as secured