What is Option Trading

Option trading is not that different from other trading but there are some specific and distinct points of difference, and one of them is the use of a particular company’s website to learn about it. This is a good method

What is Econometrics

Econometrics is basically the study of economic data and statistical models with data to create models or empirical hypotheses about the economic future. It typically applies real-world information to statistical tests and then analyzes and compares the data against the

What Is GDP

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is simply a measure of the overall value of the products and services made in a given period of time. It’s usually divided into three categories: consumption, investment and government sectors. The United States government uses

E-Learning Classes

Education accessed by all via E-Learning Platforms

Education accessed by all through E-Learning Platforms is the ultimate goal of every individual and business. The Internet is a world in itself that has made it possible for an education to be obtained by almost anyone, anywhere in the

Bridging the Gap Between Blockchain and Business: The Key to Success

Bridging the Gap Between Blockchain and Business: The Key to Success

By Erick Pinos,​ Ontology​ Americas Ecosystem Lead  The blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors can be brutal sectors to operate in. Roughly 70​% of all tech startups fail, and by some accounts blockchain projects are even more vulnerable. In​ late 2017, well before the crypto winter of