The Distribution and The Production Process

An economy is a place of interaction, production, distribution and exchange, and the learning and sharing of various goods and services by various agents. In simple terms, it is defined as ‘a social domain that relate to the production, exchange,

Operations Management and Its Emphasis

Operations management is primarily concerned with supervising, planning and organizing in all the contexts of manufacturing, producing or the supply of goods. In simple terms it can be said to cover the whole gamut of personnel from top management down

Concepts of Scales in Competitive Analysis

Economies of scope concentrate on the average price of production of various products. However, economies of scope differ from markets of volume because the market of the volume focuses on the volume of output of a firm while economies of

Economic Profit. what is it?

An economic profit or income is the excess amount that a company has got from the outputs it has produced compared to the amount it has invested in its inputs, which include the raw materials, working capital and other fixed

UK: What Changes Should You Be Aware of in 2021?

By Paul Sleath, CEO at PEO Worldwide This year, COVID regulations mean employers around the world have had to grapple with a rapidly evolving legal landscape. And 2021 looks set to continue throwing fresh challenges at organisations with plenty of

US: Could These New Laws Affect Your Business?

By Paul Sleath, CEO at PEO Worldwide We recently looked at some of the regulatory changes and new legislation UK businesses need to be aware of for 2021. But what about our friends across the pond? In the US, there

Mass Unemployment In America

The worst financial recession since the great depression has resulted in mass unemployment across the United States. The pain is being felt now in the poorest regions of the country, struggling even prior to the latest recession and even after

Economies Of Scope

Economies of scope are an economic concept which refers to the reduction in the overall cost of production while also referring to the increase in output. The concept is very useful for those businesses which operate on a small scale

Price Elasticity of Demand

A good’s price elasticity of demand exactly is a measure of the degree to which it is sensitive to its cost. It is very sensitive to price increases, but not so sensitive to price decreases. If the price increases by

Debt to Equity Ratio

Debt to equity ratios are important in determining an individual’s financial health. It’s not just the numbers that count but how they are presented. Credit rating services typically takes a look at debt to equity ratios. However, what many people