Adjudicate Cases

In order to help resolve legal disputes, many individuals turn to a professional who will help them with their decision-making in making the most appropriate decision regarding the case at hand. In the United States and many other countries, there

Money Laundering – How Does it Work?

Anti money laundering is basically the criminal practice of hiding the origin of money obtained through unlawful means or financial transactions by transiting it through an elaborate series of complicated financial transactions through bank accounts. The general purpose of the

The Code For Company Accounts

In this article we’ll take a look at Disregard, and why this particular Tax Code may apply to you. Generally speaking, if the Dispute Regulations applies to a non-taxation agreement, they will generally re-create for tax purposes the same accounting

What Are Foreign Direct Investments?

Foreign direct investment or FDI refers to foreign direct investments (DFIs), which are made in an organization or any other type of business through the intervention of an outside entity. It is therefore distinguished from a foreign investment portfolio investment

A Guide to Bank Reconciliation

In accounting, a bank reconciliation process is the procedure by which the bank statement of accounts from an entity’s books is reconciled with the corresponding balance on its books. When a reconciliation is not performed, the information can become inaccurate

The Advantages of Vertical Integration

Vertical integration in microeconomics and business is an arrangement in which a business owns the production process of its products. Typically, each member of the product chain makes a separate product or service, and all the goods combine into a

Motor Trade Insurance

A Motor Trade Insurance policy is basically a contract between a motor trader and a third party; this is as a business or a full-time occupation; it doesn’t matter whether you own a limited company or are a single trader

Western Union partners with London Stock Exchange Group’s ELITE platform

Western Union Business Solutions collaboration with ELITE offers business support and capital raising for fast-growing private companies Western Union (NYSE: WU), a leader in cross-border, cross-currency money movement and payments, has partnered with ELITE, part of London Stock Exchange Group,