Managing Personal and World Finance

The World Finance 100 honours those individuals and organisations which have achieved the pinnacle of success across a wide range of disciplines, not only in business but also in politics, philanthropy and academia. In addition to this prestigious award, this

An Introduction To Economics

Economics is the study of how human action and decision making affects the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. The discipline is often regarded as one of the most important and useful in the world. A firm can

World Finance – Its Importance and Impact

World finance is a global arena, which enables businesses to flourish. It encompasses a broad range of activities. Those involved in global business must be aware of all the possible avenues for growth. Therefore, it is essential for global companies

Globalization Benefits US Economy

In these uncertain economic times, the best U.S. economy has proven itself yet again. With unemployment rising and corporations downsizing, the best U.S. economy continues to prove its worth as a resilient global leader. While it may be easy to

The Best Gig Economy Apps

With so many freelancing apps on the market today, it is easy to see how many people are curious about earning money from home using these apps. While many of these apps can be found free online, there are also

The Top 5 Advantages of a Free Market Economy

A free market economy encourages the sale and production of goods and services, both with little to no governmental regulation or intervention. Instead, of government-imposed price controls, a free market economy permits the interrelationships among consumer demand and supply to

What Is The Gig Economy?

What is the gig economy? It’s a phenomenon that has been taking place in one form or another since the early years of the Internet. In the early days, the concept of what is the gig economy and what it

The Coronavirus Impact On Economy

What is the Coronavirus Impact on Economy? Well, it is a virus, so to speak, that is highly infectious and can be easily contracted by humans. This is the same strain of bird flu that has caused a large quantity

What Is A Mixed Market Economy?

What is a mixed market economy? In a mixed market economy, the term “mixed” refers to the fact that the economy is partially in a state of economic decline and partially in an economic boom. Sometimes the economy is so

COVID-19 – In a turbulent economy it’s time to economise

The Relationship Between Income Equity and Health Equity

Income distribution refers to the system by which an individual’s total income is distributed between his dependents. An income distribution plan aims at providing all the individuals with an equal right to enjoy economic advantages that they have been given