Mission-critical and misunderstood – the state of the supply chain

By Richard Sadler, director of business development at Industry Forum. Thanks to Amazon and the same-day-service revolution it kick-started, it’s no longer enough to just build and market a good product. Customers of all types are now trained to expect

A Look at Microeconomics

Economics is a science that studies the production, distribution, consumption, and allocation of goods and services. Economics is also the study of the allocation of scarce resources – land, labor, capital, goods, and services to determine the most efficient allocation

What Is the Gross Domestic Product Approach Used in the GDT?

There are many ways to evaluate a real estate investment property. Some methods are more appropriate than others. The best way to decide the appropriate method is to consider what properties would be the most valuable and at what price.

Income Annuity is Guaranteed Income Annuity

An income annuity helps to protect against the possibility of outliving your monthly savings. Regardless of how much money you save, you’ll always have that secure, fixed income each month. The monthly amount you get each month is absolutely guaranteed,

How the Market Works

The question of how the market works is one that has been bothering people throughout time. It is usually considered a part of the business philosophy and it is generally taught in business schools. Although it was originally intended as

What is Net Working Capital?

Net working capital is the money a business uses to operate their business. Short term and long term, net working capital is an important component for a business to have. Therefore, it is important for small businesses to consider some

Financial Statements

Financial statements are simply reports which outline significant financial accounting details about your organization. There are three basic kinds of financial statements: an income statement, a balance sheet, and the cash flow statement. Together, they paint a clear picture of

Capital Budgeting and Internal Rate Of Return

The internal rate of return (IRR), often called the annualized net asset value (ANV), is the discounted cash flow of an investment, which represents all current and future cash inflows minus all current and future disbursements. In financial terms, it

Managing Personal and World Finance

The World Finance 100 honours those individuals and organisations which have achieved the pinnacle of success across a wide range of disciplines, not only in business but also in politics, philanthropy and academia. In addition to this prestigious award, this