Types of Business Operations

Sales operations is an ensemble of processes and activities that help a retail business run efficiently, effectively and at maximum service of company plans and objectives. Sales operations can also be called sales support, business operations or sales support. In

Import Substitution Is a Way to Improve Economic Growth

Import substitution industrialization, as its name suggests, is a policy and trade program which advocates replacing imported goods with domestically produced goods. It basically relies on the principle that a developed country should try to reduce its dependency on imports

How Does Health Insurance Work?

How does health insurance work? Insurance is a legal contract where you pay an affordable monthly fee to your insurance company for coverage that will replace the benefits of any health issue that you have. Insurance is most cost effective

Health Economics

Health economics is an analytical branch of health economics focusing on issues relating to health, quality of life and cost-effectiveness in the delivery and use of healthcare and health services. The study of health economics seeks to identify the role

What Is Environmental Economics?

Environmental economics is an important sub-area of economics primarily concerned with environmental questions. Because it is very broad, it has become a hugely researched subject over the last decade or so. This means there is quite an extensive body of

Why Is Cyber Insurance Important?

Cyber insurance is a specialization lines insurance policy designed to protect people, companies, and other entities offering various services for these businesses, from cyber-based risks, specifically from losses related to financial systems and other information. When most people think of

Finding Success Through CFD Trading

There are two types of CFD trading: one-way and two-way. In CFD trading, a transaction is conducted between two traders who agree to pay the other party a fee if the price of the commodity they are trading changes from

Money Laundering – How Does it Work?

Anti money laundering is basically the criminal practice of hiding the origin of money obtained through unlawful means or financial transactions by transiting it through an elaborate series of complicated financial transactions through bank accounts. The general purpose of the