Ranieri Agency now working with British 5G & IoT innovator Hanhaa

Hanhaa’s cutting edge parcel tracking service ParceLive gives logistics vendors and channel partners a unique competitive advantage

London, October 26, 2020 – Ranieri is proud to announce a partnership with Hanhaa, a leading British internet-of-things innovator and private LTE/5G network supplier.

Founded in 2015, Hanhaa is a Mobile Network Operator which enables it to provide LTE/5G based networks and IoT connection solutions. Combining its mobile network, proprietary hardware and services platform with product development talent, Hanhaa is at the forefront of global IoT solutions.

Hanhaa’s flagship solution, ParceLive, is a real-time cargo tracking service that connects users to live information about the location, condition and security of their assets regardless of their country, method of transport, carrier or scale. ParceLive is being deployed internationally by leading logistics vendors and channel partners and is now available directly to end-users wanting more control over the security of their assets.

Azhar Hussain, Hanhaa founder and CEO is available for interview and comment on a number of topics should you be working on any relevant features. From 5G implementation and industrial use to the future of IoT, the use of blockchain and what is coming next in connected logistics. There are also several case studies available showcasing the impact of Hanhaa’s work with many of the company’s high-profile customers.

About ParceLive

From vaccines to live animals, ParceLive trackers help safeguard high-value and perishable shipments. More than 19,000 shipments in the fields of arts and artefacts, automotive, chemicals, electronics, food and beverage, healthcare, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, among others, have reached their destination safely thanks to ParceLive’s advanced tracking system. Each ParceLive tracker has sensors to track the shipment’s condition. In addition to pinpointing its GPS location, the sensors detect temperature, humidity, impact, tilt, shipment breaches and orientation. Should a shipment be dropped, opened or exposed to temperature or humidity outside of defined parameters, an alert is activated on the system and transmitted via the Hanhaa XG network to the ParceLive portal.

The wealth of data and insight provided by ParceLive’s system allows customers to identify inefficiencies and optimise their networks, giving them a competitive advantage. Whilst blockchain app integration, an immutable record of truth for compliance events based on IoT data, helps to improve transparency and aid with dispute resolution.

Using ParceLive is effortless and sustainable. The customer receives a fresh ParceLive tracker and inserts it into a shipment. The shipment is now live on the ParceLive network and will report back on its location and condition from almost anywhere in the world. Once the package has arrived at its destination, the recipient places the tracker in the post to send it back to one of Hanhaa’s fulfilment centres. With the international returns postal license, there is no need for stamps or envelopes. At the fulfilment centre, all trackers are reset, charged and reused on a new journey, thus eliminating waste. ParceLive trackers can also be customised to fit any company branding.