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What is Globalism

by Jackson B

What is Globalism? Globalism, by definition, is an attempt to merge various nations into one larger entity, and the ultimate goal of the globalists is to have as many nations involved as possible in the global economy. While many critics of globalism claim that the United States is simply too small to be a single economic force, the truth is that the United States has always had a big hand in the economy of the world and the direction of the international business community.

In particular, there is a strong connection between globalism and the white race in the United States. Globalists believe that the United States of America is the greatest nation ever created in all of human history, so we must all be united to do our part to keep the United States strong. This is why globalists often call themselves “globalists” and they are actually working in conjunction with the internationalist establishment to try to force the United States to go along with their vision of global unity. Globalism, in fact, is an extension of American exceptionalism, make-believe, conspiracies, and radical ideologies. The far right has always held to an extreme conspiracy theory that the left is coordinating a deliberate plot to sabotage America’s white minority by unchecked immigration, so that a permanent Leftist rainbow coalition can continue to rule America.

This theory was largely proven by the election of Obama, who was actually considered a socialist by some white people before the election. Obama is a very good example of a globalist in that he represents the entire world in his appearance and behavior and that he has done nothing to prove he belongs to any group or ethnicity in particular. He has simply succeeded in bringing together many different cultures into one global civilization where all cultures are equal. His election has caused the globalist establishment to become increasingly desperate in trying to bring about peace in a chaotic world, which they are unable to achieve on their own.

The more the white people get upset with globalization, the more they will fight it, which is why the globalists and the white power structure are constantly working with the media, the government, Hollywood celebrities, academia, the corporate elite, and other institutions to convince them that global unity is necessary. so that they can continue to control the outcome of our elections and our lives. This is exactly what globalism represents. and this is what I believe is happening in the United States today.

The people who are upset with the current state of the economy are mostly white people and those who are making a lot of money are mostly black people, and this has been true for decades. In other words, it is not true that it is somehow unfair to the poor white minority in the United States. Globalization is about the same for everyone and it is a result of economic growth being able to help everyone in the world in order to help everyone else.

Globalism and white supremacy are a natural outcome of free trade, free markets, free movement, the free flow of information, and the freedom of individuals to live their lives in a free and open society. Globalism is a concept that we are forced to embrace by the United States Constitution and it is something that is very attractive to many Americans who are not able to live under the constraints of the centralized power of the European Union. There is a growing concern among Americans for the erosion of national unity, national pride, and the ability to control one’s own country.

What is Globalism? It has nothing to do with political correctness. It has nothing to do with multiculturalism. It has nothing to do with the notion that the United States should remain “American.” Indeed, in my opinion, it is the exact opposite.

The United States of America is a free country where you have the right to be a white person, an individual, and a citizen of your country without any fear of having your rights violated. It is a land of opportunity that was built on the free market and that has a system of laws based upon the consent of the governed. If you truly want to be an American, there is no reason for you to be afraid or conform to the political correctness of your own nation.