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Data Entry Jobs from Home: Should You Take One?

by gbaf mag
Data Entry Jobs from Home: Should You Take One?

Work from home has gained importance during the COVID-19 pandemic as the lockdowns and fear for life have made us rethink going outside to work. One of the most talked-about work from home jobs is data entry jobs and you must have seen job portals flooded with posts of data entry jobs. Several companies outsource their data entry work to the individuals who want to work from the comfort of their homes.

However, not everything you see online is genuine. That’s why it is important to understand the genuineness of the data entry jobs that are posted online so that you don’t become a victim of data entry frauds. In this article, we are going to discuss all aspects of data entry jobs so that you can make an informed decision.

In the present article, the following things are covered.

  1. Types of Data Entry Jobs from Home
  2. Skills Required to do Data Entry Jobs from Home
  3. Benefits of Doing Data Entry Jobs from Home
  4. Limitations of Doing Data Entry Jobs from Home
  5. How to Find Legitimate Data Entry Jobs from Home

Let’s begin!

Types of Data Entry Jobs from Home

There are many options when it comes to data entry jobs and based on your skills and interest you can select one. Here are some common types of data entry jobs:

Word Processor or Typist

These individuals are responsible for inputting data for the creation of text documents such as mailing labels, letters, so on. They use word processing software and check for any grammatical, punctuation, or spelling mistakes while they work. They also ensure that proper formatting is done in the documents that they create. Formal training is usually not required for this work profile and on-the-job training is sufficient.

Data Entry Keyer

The job profile includes entering the information received such as numbers, items, etc. into the computer systems. Mostly these persons are required to enter the data after fetching the same through some hard copy document. The numbers or the data can either be fed manually or the document containing the number or data can be scanned and checked for incorrect or missing entries. This profile also doesn’t require any formal training and a person learns while in the job.


The job requires a person to listen to the audio recordings and type the same into reports or other documents. The content is then proofread to check for any grammatical mistakes that might be there. For pursuing a job as a transcriptionist, you need to complete a formal training for the same at any vocational school or college.

Skills Required to do Data Entry Jobs from Home

Data entry jobs do not require you to have higher education degrees. To qualify for a data entry job you need to possess certain skills as follows:

  • Basic computer skills
  • Fast typing speed
  • Good communication skills
  • Time management
  • Attention to details
  • Editing and proofreading skills
  • Confidentiality

Fast typing is one of the most important skills that you need to possess when you apply for a data entry job. The companies usually require a candidate to pass the typing test before they start the hiring process.

Benefits of Doing Data Entry Jobs from Home

Many people perceive data entry jobs as a good career choice and they have many reasons to believe so.

  • Work From Home Mode

The data entry jobs are designed to enable a person to work from the comfort of their homes. You need to have a computer network and good internet speed to complete your work. The organization that hires you sends you the information regarding the work to be done through email along with specific instructions. Thus, unlike the bricks and mortar model, you need not visit the office place and you can do the work online at your home. This means that you can accept international job offers as well.

  • Earn Per Entry

Usually, organizations pay per entry for data entry jobs. Having good typing speeds helps you earn more and increase your wealth basis. Over time you get better and your pay also gets better.

  • Flexible Schedule

You are not required to follow any fixed schedule for completing your assignments. As long as you submit your work within the given timeline you need not worry about the work hours. Some organizations also let you choose the work assignments that you want to work on and this way you can maintain a work-life balance.

  • Additional Source of Income

Even if you are running some business or into a job, you can still take some data entry assignments to get financial support and this helps you to earn some extra income to support your financial matters.

Limitations of Doing Data Entry Jobs from Home

Every coin has two sides and there are limitations to every aspect. There is a dark side to data entry jobs which we are going to discuss here.

  • Cumbersome Assignments

You might think what could be so difficult about feeding a few entries in the computer systems. Well, trust us it can be cumbersome especially when you are a beginner. You are required to input the data based on some files and your eyes can get hurt if you are not used to sitting for long in front of computer systems. Thus, you must give a thought about this before you head for a data entry job.

  • Payment Cuts

You are paid on a per-entry basis by the organizations. Sometimes, these organizations tend to deduct payments on account of minor mistakes as they require a high level of accuracy. This means you might not earn what you had projected.

Not only this, but some companies have policies that your membership with them can be suspended. It is therefore important to make sure that you understand well in advance their policies about payment reductions and suspension.

  • No Support

If you are facing any problem you need to solve the same on your own. Getting a response from organizations is difficult and you need to manage the things yourself. However, there may be variations from company to company and that is what you need to understand from the organization before you associate with them.

  • Fraud Job Providers

There are so many listings regarding data entry jobs on the job portals. But not all organizations are genuine. In fact, there are some fraud companies that could lure you by promising a job in exchange for registration fees. Make sure you never fall into the trap of such a company as no genuine company would deny you to arrange a call for proper communication. Don’t just go for any organization instead make a wise choice.

How to Find Legitimate Data Entry Jobs from Home

Finding a genuine organization for your data entry job can become difficult. But here are some facts about fraudulent organization that you need to know to identify them:

  • Such organizations require you to pay some extra fees in the form of registration fees or training fees.
  • You will not undergo a formal interview process with such organizations as they will usually hire you based on your resume and details.
  • They might ask you to submit an amount with them for basic work supplies that you might need for your work.
  • They might offer you extraordinary pay and if you feel the pay is not what it is supposed to be then you must refrain from associating with such organizations.
  • You must ask for a legal contract and if the organization declines your request then you must not continue with them.

Data entry jobs are usually done by persons who are good with typing and don’t possess higher education degrees. If data entry jobs excite you then make sure that you follow the tips we share for identifying a genuine company and associate with companies that have good policies for you.