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Warehouse Organizational Mistakes To Avoid

by C Roberts

The warehouse plays such a vital role in the supply chain; it is essential that all processes operate efficiently. Proper organization and optimal warehouse design are a must in order to function safely and profitably.

Efficiency is not the only factor to consider in a warehouse, however. Creating a safe workplace operation is the top priority when it comes to warehouse management. A dysfunctional or cluttered warehouse creates dangers for employees, but a well-designed and coordinated floor is a necessary resource. Having an organized warehouse allows you to utilize all the available space in the most productive way. When everything is in an assigned spot, it is easier to navigate inventory and clear out space for more valuable assets.

Jump Start the Organization Process

Maybe you are ready to prepare a warehouse organization plan but are thinking, “Where do I begin?” Focus first on the reduction of clutter and creating a clean area. This will provide a better sense of the logistical floor space available for workplace processes. Then you can determine the best methods for optimization.

When creating a warehouse to fit the needs of your organization, keep safety, functionality, efficiency and profitability at the forefront of the warehouse model. Take all the necessary steps to design an organized warehouse and avoid cutting corners in the process. Frequent mistakes when customizing a warehouse include an overabundance of inventory, failure to factor in staff development, and lack of automation. Each of these could negatively impact productivity and morale at the warehouse. Check out the infographic for more tips on how to bypass some of these common errors.

Author bio: Don Amato is Vice President of Sales for Chicago Tag & Label, which manufactures form labels, labels and tags that deliver solutions to a broad range of industries including retail, industrial, manufacturing, distribution and medical environments.

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